Belarusian Patch M1944

Belarusian State-Defence Army  23.II.1944-28.IV.1945 

SBM and Police men

belarus.jpg (14613 bytes).

National Belarusian flag prohibited by Lukashenko (Pres.) in 1995...



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Officers  Cockade


BSA - Belarusian Self Guard

BNS - Belarusian People Self Help

SBM - Union of Belarusian Youth

BKA Belarusian State-Defense Army

Belarusian SS-Formations

Belarusian battalion SD

Magazines and Propaganda



Uniforms and insignia

BSB - Bel. Service to Motherland (RAD analog)

Minsk, Opera Theatre 1941

Check out the Lenin statue at Minsk picture!

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