Belarusian propaganda Posters

god_tomu_nazad.JPG (24087 bytes)

One year ago started the war for your freedom! Your thanks is your Work.

pod_krylyami_nemezkogo_orla.JPG (18691 bytes)

Under guard of German eagle works new Europe for freedom and better future. Enter to the rows of this front !

zaboiza_i_padpalshchik.JPG (21371 bytes)

Killer and burner Stalin ended his game

pod_zhidovskim_znamenem.JPG (13875 bytes)

No coments....

znishchaite_bandytay.JPG (18112 bytes)

Destroy gangsrtes beside you, cause they are spoiling your life! Who don't counters them - he is their  helper. Tell German organs or Polizei about all Suspicious men 

+123.jpg (16665 bytes)

Under the national flag to shiny future! - Poster of SBM  -  Union of Belarusian Youth 

schastlovo_zazhivem_little.JPG (14787 bytes)

We walk with with our way, We go home with Win and frelly and happily start our life (Больше размер)

prygon_i_znishchanne_dau_vam_stalin.JPG (20779 bytes)

Stalin give you Servitude and destroying !

mirnaya_praza.JPG (16688 bytes)

Peaceful work for better life under the guard of german army.

chirvonya_partyzany.JPG (28220 bytes)

Red partyzans give you death and destroy your state and your houses 

rabota.JPG (25289 bytes)

The diligent fulfilment of deliveries is honourable for each citizen

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