Belarusian State-Defense Army 23.II.1944-28.IV.1945

       Belarusian State-Defense Army was formed under control of General-Gubernator Kurt Von Gottberg. All German special services, first of all SD and Wehrmacht general Staff in Belarus has their active participation. In Indispensable cases was used help of Administrative governments and public organizations SBM, BNS,.
      The main assignment of BKA was antipartizan operations, and later at front with red army .Making of BKA was by Belarusian Central Government(Rada) BCR practically in all regions of Belarus except Pripyat river region and town Lida area, also from north to south towns Braslavl, Volozhin, Miadel, volost center Kozlovschina and in Minsk region Uzda and Ivenets settlers of that towns and areas weren't invoked to BKA . Very interesting that fact what order of forming BKA was instituted 23 of February (it is also soviet army main holiday) ....
      As for military look forming of BKA was made very professionally, first cause of officers invoking - using the previously made by Volost Olders listings of officers. All officers from Russian, Polish, Red armies not older than 57 years and unterofficers not older than 55 years except serving in government, police, etc... were invoked to BKA. Invoking was controlled by Police and SD commandants.

      At 6 of March 1944 after preliminary preparation started universal mobilization of BKA invoked all healthy men born 1908 till 1924. From each region(Uezd) arrived 500 - 600 soldiers-shooters. 31 of March BKA battalions received their personal numbers. Officially Invoke finished at 15 of April 1944.
Analyzing the mobilization president of Belarusian Rada Rodoslav Ostrovskyi noted, that: -"Germans that sitting in invoke commissions and for different payments/bribes free people of mobilization, and cause of that accepted the solution to preserve former mistakes, not to suppose Germans". He also noted that, partisans can dive in BKA, and there is a need of inspection all personal structure with SD  .
      Completely mobilization measures of BCR to form BKA gave good results. In some areas invoke was made on very high level. As, for example Mobilization commission in Lubcha village which was headed by the principal of BKA of Baranovichi region B.D.Rogulia, invoked only Belarusians, denying invoke of ill and illiterate people. As result was formed 68 battalion BKA which was headed personally by B.D.Rogulia
26 of March all personnel of BKA gived their oath:

1944 BKA Officers, Minsk "Svobody square".

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"I swore, that sleeve to sleeve with German soldier will not drop my weapon until, will be peace and security in our farms and cities, until in our Motherland will be destroyed the last enemy of Belarusian people."

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GENERALKOMISSAR building (Svobody square, Minsk) 

       Right that day in Minsk at 8:30 am on Svobody(Freedom) square at presence on General Commissar K.Von.Gottberg, President of BCR and BKA General staff accepted oath from cadets of the First Minsk Officer School BKA.
       Battalions of BKA on Belarusian territory mainly were used in antipartizan operations and later on front with red army, but BKA Wasn't exist after soviets entered Belarus. BKA retreated with Germans to the west....

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Svobody square click to enlarge

      After evacuation Rada to Koenigsburg, and soon to Berlin in November of 1944 for updating and tutoring officers for BKA was formed 1st personnel battalion BKA, then at 1 February by Order # 32 Special propagandist and medical personnel sources.
Later propagandists must to provide constant updating  of Belarusian Liberation Armies 1st personnel battalion in Berlin in fact was a reserve for forming Waffen-SS of Belarusians. For example 11 its offcers including B.D.Rogulia and others entered to The 1st Grenadier Sturm Brigade SS "BELARUS" which consisted of Ten Thousand men, formed in Germany from rests of BKA and invokes-Belarusians from German factories, It was putted to front near Monte-Cassino and acted against 2nd polish corps of General V.Anders. Under the testimony of the eyewitnesses situation was very strongly heated when straightened out, that on English side combat warriors-Belarusians. Soldiers BKA, SS-BELARUS hasn't a big trust from German side that's why as ROA formations wasn't sent to eastern front, and combat at West Front.
       In April and May of 1945, as most of Volunteer formations BKA and SBM resubmitted to ROA were handed to Allies knowing that on their motherland they are waited by long and difficult death from NKVD. 

       Very interesting that fact what: BCR formed under German occupation is live in our days in US and president Rodoslav Ostrovsky worked till 1960. Most of its members as members of other organizations received political asylum as immigrants.

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