WANTED Military Antiques

Completely ANY items relating to national formations served on German side :Volunteer Uniforms, Photos, patches, shoulder straps, documents, Badges, Armbands, headgear and any personal items.

Third Reich Military Flag, Standard, Banner or Pennant and any its acountments as Finials, streamers and streamer plaques, Staff with metal fillets and ferrule. Standard bearer Gorget, bandolier.

German dagger with inscription on the Blade with Chained scabbard. Dagger with eagle head handle. Hunting dress Dagger. And any other antique Daggers, Swords, Sabers and their acountments 

German Tunic, Peaked or side cap, hat, helmet in its original paint, Boots, shoes, camouflaged shelter quarter, ANY field equipment, Field Radio, Field phone, MG stand in its original paint

Award badges, Ribbons Court Mounted groups, orders, Medals, Crosses arm shields, Gorget, tinnies and day badges any insignia as shoulder boards, collar patches armbands, cuff bands,  breast/arm eagles, cockades, Belt Buckles, Wall Plaques, and any other "symbolic items"

Classical Japanese Sword - Katana/Tanto and etc... also any its details and accountments 

Have you a single item or a whole collection for sale? We are always interested in new items with a view to purchase. We acquire only authentic genuine items. Please tender all items you think that could be interested to us, please tell more about any item: what kind of item /what condition /how much it costs and short description.


If you are interested in any items please E-mail us

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