Dabendorf Propaganda School 

Russian Liberation Army  1941-1945

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Unter-officer student of Dabendorf Propaganda School 1943-1944 and ROA propagander in remade Holland uniform 1943-1944

It was working on theoretical base of elaboration move and taught propagandists ROA. It was established in February 1943 In Dabendorf(Near Berlin) Center officially called "Eastern Branch of Special purpose propaganda", In head of this organization was Captain V.Shtrik-Shtrifeldtom. Based on earlier made in lagers Wustrau and Wullhalde propaganda crews (Ex soviet Officers) here was created new propaganda school in head of which was General-Major I.A.Blagoveschenskiy. Also in Dabendorf issued newspapers "Zaria" and "Dobrovoletz" (Заря) и (Доброволец). Made for POWs and Eastern Workers (Ostarbeiters) and soldiers of Russian volunteer units . There was 21 German officers - 8 Ex. soviet Generals, 60 High Officers and several hundreds Low officers

All students officially received Status ROA soldiers and at the end of studying went to Eastern Units or occupied territories. Also In German division staffs worked Propaganda Crews (In each ≈ 1 Officer, 4 Unter-Officers and 20 Soldiers), Made in transit Lagers for Work with POW's.

Until November 1944. Dabendorf School passed near 5 000 men. They and their officers later became officers of Russian Elaboration Army

Russian Peoples Elaboration Army (RONA)

Roa Guards Brigade

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Pictures made by A.V.Karaschuk, Text by S.I.Drobyazko