ROA Guards Brigade

Russian Liberation  Army 1941-1945

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Commander of Infantry Battalion Guards Brigade ROA Captain G.P.Lamsdorf,1943

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Soldier of Guards Brigade ROA 1943. Wearing SS uniform with ROA insignia

     It was supposed that firrst part of ROA completely operated by Vlasov staff, will be First Russian national SS regiment, About what the arrangement with SD was reached. But negotiations of S.N. Ivanov and G.N.Zhilenkov with Gil Rodionov "came to the dock". Byn opinion of Vlasov's emissaries, regiment was needed in reorganization, cause it was very demoralized, and many officers didn't obey to the needed demands. And Gil with his officers wanted regiment to enter the ROA in an invariable kind. The yield was retrieved: regiment was let alone and, with bleeding of its structure training battalion and propaganda crew, to form Guards Brigade 

     That two formations were settled in town Stremutka (15 km near Pskov).  At the expense of small updatings  was possible shooting battalion, facilities company, stock officer company and propaganda crew total 650 men; Commander of the new formation became S.N.Sacharov, and his helper I.K.Sacharov, Staff commander ≈ K.G.Kromiadi, Vlasov quoter was G.N.Zhilenkov. Organizationally new formation was under SD,Presented in the head of junction by group of signals headed by sturmbannfuhrer Heinz. During the summer battalion of Guards brigade three times was used in antipartizan operations, and 22of June 1943 at the Parade in Pskov.

     In august Ivanov and Cromiadi were recalled to Germany, and captain G.P.Lamsdorf became Commander of formation; idea of making ROA guards brigade wasn't realized. After 150 men retreated to partisans brigade was unarmed and its rests were given for forming Russian Airgroup and later entered to KONR Air Force.

Propaganda School in Dabendorf



Committee of Elaboration Peoples of Russia - Military Forces (VS-KONR)

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