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CCCP-KGB-NKVD SMC soviet Militaria Home page.

Third Reich Factbook Site dealing with all services and branches of Third Reich VERY many good assorted info 

Medalnet -Deutschlands Orden und Ehrenzeichen. German Awards 

Wehrmacht Rank Insignia WH, LW, SS, KM etc.. insignias  

Spanish Volunteers in Reich WH, WL, SS, Division "Asul"

 PanzerTruppe Panzer uniforms of WW2 (biggest resource)

Western Front dealing with reenactment Hi-Quality items 

Waffen-SS in pictures Posters, photos, info.

An der Front - Producer and dealer with reenactment Hi-quality reproduction Militaria.

SOLDAT FHQ - Reenactment / military books and replicas at your fingertips

SS Officer Computer Research - Excellent site for SS - including mostly useful info for collectors and historicals.

2.SS./ PZ. DIV. Das Reich An excellent website dealing the history of 2nd SS Panzer Division.

  ALAN's Kursk Page - Kursk battle history July 1943 

World War II German Military

The German Army and the Elite Forces of the Third Reich  Waffen-SS, Fallschirmjager and all other elite formations of Reich armies.

Wehrmacht Awards fully describing resource on German awards (great text and images)  Freiwiligen Legion Flandern - Langemarck, Richest site for original items

Grant's Militaria Australian Militaria Collector page including free  Sale and Wanted categories

SS Galichyna - Ukrainian Volunteer Division and other Ukrainian formations

Finns of the Wiking Finnish Waffen-SS Volunteers
Slovenian Axis Forces 1941-1945 Slovenian Volunteers page
Flamen an der Ostfront Vlaanderen-SS
Za Hrvatsku i Bozje ime Croatian volunteer page 
 Ukrainian Division Galicia Ukrainian Volunteer page
 1st-Division of the Ukrainian National Army Veteran organization of first Ukrainian National Army
Langemarck mostly beautiful designed Volunteer site, pictured only original items.

Achtung Panzer ! Greatest site relating German armored vehicles Panzer - photos, very many interesting information. 

Deutsche AfrikaKorps Information about DAK-battles, soldiers, uniforms, vehicles and many more. 

 Axis Europe bookstore Volunteer books store 
 Norwegian Volunteers serving in Wehrmacht/ just  .html-file





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