Russian Volunteers in LUFTWAFFE

Russian Liberation Army  1941-1945

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Leutenant  Flying personal (Fliegende truppe) Air Force KONR 1945

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Russian Volunteer fr\om one of the Ground Luftwaffe Units 1943-1945 


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Russian Volunteer  ("Treated by SS") Second platoon service anti aicraft,1944-1945


    Aiforce Pilots and personal from POW lagers were sent first to medical commission and then to the two month training course after it they received their Military rank and were given to Holters group which was located in Morizfeld (East Prussia) 

    They repaired non-german aircrafts and after training flights began to participate in German operations. Mostly they carried paratroopers, propaganda material and did other usual Pilot's works. Later Germans saw the good practice of Russian pilots and began to give them their personal Russian operations in AirGroup OSTLAND 1-st Air fleet, there was created the first Russian Luftwaffe Unit which used some different models of captured aicrafts. Untill 1944 they did 500 front flights. Also one Russian Unit has 9 captured U-2 aircrafts it worked against Belarusian partyzans.

Holters group then entered to Luftwaffe KONR

In March 1944. Hitlerjugend, SS, and Luftwaffe began big propagande for Guys and Girls 15 - 20 years old from occupied territories to serve in Flak crews (Air Force Helpers) "Luftwaffenhelfer", and from 4 December 1944  (SS-Zogling), it was 1383 men at the end of the war in german Air Force there was 22 500 Volunteers and 120 000  POWs which mostly served at Flak Batteries and as ground personnel.

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Captain  1-st eastern Geschwader der Luftwaffe KONR wears TT gun hoslter.

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