"Guarding Belarus" 

 Belarusian Polizei Magazine

 Belarusian Polizei Magazine number 4  1944 Pictured Leiutenant of belarusian SD Ivan Mialezhka. Note: belarusian national colors shield patch on a sleeve 

Magazine number 6  for 1944


ROA leaflet (maybe fake)

In 1941 - 1945 perioud  there was produced very many different Belarusian propaganda materials: newspapers, leaflets, posters, magazines and Books. Now to find some of them in Belarus is too difficult.

 Mostly strong national move in Belarus was in 1944 and most of Belarusian nationalists went to Germany and all their thing too... Also very many items were destroyed during the soviet time...


Article  "Baranovichi SS regiment serving to motherland" 

Set of belarusian newspapers

Red soldier - Make your choice life or death


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