Original Volunteer  Insignia 

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Unissued ROA sleeve patch - St.Andrew cross and Letters POA(Russkaya Osvoboditelnaya Armija) this patches can be found in many prducing procedure different variants(sewed / stamped/ embroired) This patch can be original


Idel_Ural BeVo Patch ROA BeVo Patch Armenien BeVo Patch Asebaijan BeVo Patch


Hungary volunteers BeVo Patch  France Volunteer Patch(was weared by all non SS French volunteers)Geert De Vos collection Hrvatska (Croatian) BeVo Patch



 BKA  Cockade (Minsk Officers School)  39.5mm made of bronze with 2 prongs

Dmitry Bouchmakov Collection


BNS Armband Belarusian Peoples Help SBM Armband - Unite of Belarusian Youth (later its members became Lufwaffenhelfer) Patch for Russian Arbeiters



 Schutz Manschafen (ShuMa) Collar patches. This Organization was made under cover of SD and worked mostly in Ukraine 





Schutz Manschaften shoulder strap


Armband for volunteers SP (Secret Police) 


SS-Frw. Legion Flandern (Vlaanderen) collection of WWW.FLEMISH_LEGION.COM


French SS-Volunteers and theirs Patch


Collar patch of Ukrainian SS-Volunteer division (Galitsia)



Latvien-SS collar patch Latvien-SS collar patch Finnish-SS sleeve patch

Galichyna-SS officers collar patch Maria-Theresa - SS officers collar patch SS-Dirlewanger collar patch


East Turk SS collar patch Caucasian SS collar patch Kaminski-SS/29th div collar patch


Inscription on Cuff title says: East Turk Military-unit of the SS 

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