Original Volunteer Uniforms


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Georgian Volonteer Felwebel M44 summer Uniform. This model of Georgien Insignia was first seen in German "Signal" Military magazine in December 1943

Note: Georgien Sleeve shield and national colored tricolor on soldier model side cap.

French Volonteer tunic Organization Todt (Org.Todt) ,


Inscription on the Armband: ORG. TODT

 Note: ribbon bar with French medal ribbon. Interesting Fact is that German Military Command didn't prohibited wearing of any awards received in other armies cause Award shows the professionalism of warrior and not his political opinion 


Cossack Papakha and collar patches Original Cossack Papakha with standard white-silver cross and blue or red upper part. It has clips and can be rebuild in more big winter hat covering also  ears.


Ostvolker government service tunic

ROA M44 "Summer" cotton tunic for sergeant


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