Russian Liberation Army 1941-1945


Second platoon Police

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Sergeant  (Gruppenfuhrer) Smolensk police service (Ordnungsdienst) 1942-1943 

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Soldier form Russian Guard unit  1942

Second platoon police in military ruling zone 

Trying to solve the problem of little count of guard services OKH(Oberkommando des Heeres) ordered to make guard service units from POWs  (Hundreds) later problem of security became bigger and Wehrmacht made much more guard units In spring 1942 on occupied territories Germans organized very many different guard units with bad rank systemTheir function was guarding railways,  bridges, roads and POW lagers other objects where they needed.In army group "Nord" called(Einwohnerkampfverbande), in army group Center (Ordnungsdienst), and in army group (Hilfswachmannschaften). in february 1943 there was 60 000 - 70 000 men in all that formations.

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Pictures made by A.V.Karaschuk, Text by S.I.Drobyazko