Russian Liberation Army  1941-1945


Article Russian Volunteers 1:1 copied from this 1944 calendar, pictures describing ROA Guards Brigade. (rus)


(under construction)

HIWI-hilfswillige volunteer helpers

HilfsPolizei Second platoon Police


Eastern Battalions


Russian freiwillinge im Luftwaffe(VVS-KONR)


Russian Balkan Corps


1st Russian National Army (1st RNA)


Russian National Peoples Army (RNNA)(rus)


Russian Peops Liberation Army (RONA)


Dabendorf Propaganda School


ROA Guards Brigade (new!)


Comitee of Liberation Peoples of Russia - Military Forces (VS-KONR) - ROA





not translated to english

Opinion of Ukraine Journalist Alexander Shtolko


With Vlasov for Free, happy Russia!

 General Vlasov visiting N.. Formation of Russian Liberation Army

Pictures made by A.V.Karaschuk, Text by S.I.Drobyazko

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