1st RUSSIAN NATIONAL Brigade-SS "Druzhina"

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Praposchik(1-st leutenant) of 1-st Russian National Brigade SS wears arm band "Za Rus' " Means "For Russia" (Cyrillic font)


The spring of 1942 under aegis SD has arisen architecture "Zeppelin", undertaken by selection of the volunteers from prisoner-of-war camps for intelligence activity in the Soviet back. Alongside with transfer of the flowing information, in their problems entered political decomposition of the population and subversive activity. Thus the volunteers should act from a name of the specially created political architectures, ostensibly irrespective of the germans leading scrambling against Bolshevism. So, in April, 1942 in a prisoner-of-war camp in one .Suvalky the Battle Soyuz of the Russian Nationalists (BSRN was organized, which one was headed by (with) the lieutenant colonel V.V. Gil (former chief of headquarters of 229 rifle division), accepting alias "Rodionov".  

That how to utillize the volunteers before their dispatch for a line of front and simultaneously to verify their political reliability, from terms BSRN 1-st Russian national squad SS, known as well as "Druzhina" was formed. In problems of squad entered a security service in occupied territory and scrambling with the guerrillas, and it is if necessary battle operations at the front. The squad consist of three companies (hundreds) and economic subdivisions all about 500 men. The extremely former commanders entered in a structure of 1-st company. She(it) was stand-by and was engaged in training of personnel for new squads. By the commander of squad assigned Gil-Rodionov, on demand of which one to all personal structure the new Czech regimentals and arms was issued, switching 150 automatic control units, 50 manual and heavy machine guns and 20 mortars. After "Druzhina" has demonstrated the reliability in battles against the Polish guerrillas in region Lublin, she was shipped on occupied Soviet territory.

In December, 1942 in region Lublin 2 Russian national squad SS (300 men) under a command of the former major NKVD was formed. Blazhevich. In March, 1943 both squads were joint under a guiding (management,manual) Gil-Rodionov in 1-st Russian national shelves SS. Supplemented for the score P.O.W.s, shelves was included 1,5 thousand by (with) the man and consist of three rifle and one educational batallions, artillery division, transport company and airsquad.

In May behind a regiment in territory of Byelorussia the special band with center in town Luzhki for self-supporting operations against the guerrillas was consolidated. Here were conducted padding mobilization of the population and gang P.O.W.s,, that has enabled to initiate with deployment a shelf in 1-st Russian national crew SS has 3 regiment of a structure. In July the aggregate number of junction has reached 3 thousand the man, and P.O.W.s, among them was no more than 20 %, and about 80 % constituted policemen and mobilized population. In the inventory crews was present: 5 instruments(guns) of calibre of 76 mms, 10 anti-tank guns of calibre of 45 mms, 8 batallion and 32 zug mortar, 164 machine guns. At headquarters of crew the German headquarters of link in a structure 12 men in the head with Hauptsturmfuhrer Rosner acted.

The crew shared in a number of large antiguerilla operations in region Begoml-Lepel. The defections in these battles negatively had an effect for moods the soldier and officers of crews much of them began seriously to think of transition to the guerrillas, which one immediately have taken advantage of this situation.

In August, 1943 the guerilla crew of a name Zhelezniak Polostsk-lepel of region has placed (installed) a contact with Gil-Rodionov. To last the amnesty was promised, in a case if his people with weapon in arms will pass on a leg of the guerrilla, and also will give to the Soviet authorities of the former general - major of Red Army P.W.Bogdanov, heading counterintelligence of crew, and crew, composed at headquarters, "white" Emegrants . Gil-Rodionov has accepted these conditions and August 16, having exterminated German headquarters of link and accident-sensitive officers, attacked German garrisons in Dokshitsy and Kruglrvshina . The junction, which has joined to the guerrillas, (2,2 thousand the man) was renamed in 1- Anti-fascist guerilla crew, and In. In.Gil is awarded with an award of a Red Star and is reduced in army with appropriation of the next military rank. It(he) has perished at breakthrough of German blockade in May, 1944.

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