VOLUNTEER Regiment SS "Varjag"

In March, 1942 in Belgrad shaping a volunteer batallion began. As the basis to this the command of the commander -in-chief on Balkan about a gang of the Russian volunteers for aerial delivery operation in region of Novorossisk has served. Formed under the direction of the capital M.A. Semenov the batallion was a front infantry part by number 600 men. In operating attitude it obeyed to a command of army group Wehrmacht and those divisions, in a structure which one entered (included), while the procurement of a batallion implemented through Headquarters SS. Itself  M.A. Semenovthe grade Hauptsturmfuhrer  SS was assigned.

Contrary to initial premeditation, the batallion and was not shipped on Eastern front and since August, 1942 was utillized in scrambling with the Yugoslavian guerrillas. Semenov in 1943 has handed a command by a batallion to the German officer and has departed in Germanium, where participat in shaping Russian volunteer special purpose units.

At the end of 1944 in Slovenia the deployment of a batallion in shelves "Varjag" began. The personal structure was completed from the emigrants and P.O.W.s,, which one typed in camps in territory Germanium and occupied by it of countries. One was shaped of batallions a shelf in Silesia. The aggregate number reached 2,5 thousand the soldier and officers. The regiment commander assigned the colonel M.A.Semenov, and his(its) helper the major M.G. Grinev. Organisate shelves Semenov has come in a structure of group of the general - major A.V.Turkula, being nominally part of armed Forces KONR.

After capitulation Germanium the personal structure a shelf was transferred to the south of Italy in a prisoner-of-war camp near Taranto, whence part soldiers (from P.O.W.s) was issued to the Soviet leg, and remaining, together with the servicemen  solvenian and Serbian shapings, to the guerrillas Tito. Only small group which has joined per last days of war to Russian body, has shunned common destiny.

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